New York art magazine EYES IN reports on FRANCO'S SETTLERS

La Mancha, Spain
MAY, 10TH 2012

                                          Daniel Richter Loans Talent to Help Documentary

Art lovers, galleries and museums can appreciate great art, and when great art becomes available, the chance to gain it is exciting indeed. Those who are interested in helping see this film into post production success will get a valuable silkscreen print by the famous German painter, Daniel Richter.

The two filmmakers and winners of the German TV Oscar (for "monks: the transatlantic feedback"), Spanish born Lucia Palacios and German born Dietmar Post, would like to announce the imminent crowd-funding campaign for their new feature-length documentary film FRANCO'S SETTLERS (Los Colonos del Caudillo).

Post and Palacios recently have been called by the European media the counterpart to the American Direct Cinema directors D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus. With their new film FRANCO'S SETTLERS they leave the territory of making films connected to popular culture and enter the world of politics and history. Robert Redford recently stated that documentary film making is substituting investigative journalism. FRANCO'S SETTLERS is both, an investigative story about an unknown chapter within world politics and at the same time an intriguing documentary film about real life people.


FRANCO'S SETTLERS is a documentary film about a small Spanish village that keeps paying tribute to its creator Francisco Franco, one of the cruelest Fascist dictators of the 20th century. FRANCO'S SETTLERS makes an entire country look at itself in the mirror.

Color, 110 min, HD (Spain, Germany, USA)
Produced and directed by Lucia Palacios & Dietmar Post.
Narrated by Spanish actor Juan Diego Botto.
Music by Limpe Fuchs, one of the most exciting experimental musicians that came out of the 60s krautrock movement.
Artwork by German painter Daniel Richter who is donating the four motifs he created for the movie posters.


Daniel Richter is one of the best known German painters of recent years. Richter had drawn three previous movie poster for Post & Palacios. For the film FRANCO'S SETTLERS he has created four different motifs of the dictator, not as drawings but as political collages in the style of Dada. This way supporters of the film's crowd-funding campaign are able to acquire highly valuable silkscreen prints for only 300 € apiece or all four for only 1.000 €. These prints (110 x 140 cm, limited to 50 numbered and hand signed copies) are only and exclusively available during the crowd-funding campaign, which runs until July 12th, 2012.

For more information on the film and how to assist with funding, please visit:

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