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WIRE MAGAZINE about Monks DVD, Nov 2010

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Monday, October 4, 2010 Floating di Morel “Said My Say” ( play loud! )   Like a classy Suicide (the band, not the act of desperation) these cats present minimal, chilling music, but wear ties and sweep the warehouse before inviting you over for a bizarre ultra-underground concert.
Monday, October 4, 2010 Doc Schoko “schlecht dran/gut drauf” ( Play Loud !) Opening with a killer psychobilly number, made more psycho but the guttural, Teutonic blurtings (Germany, your language sounds harsh and ominous to us no matter what you are saying….sorry!) this becomes one of the most diverse, all over the board rock  ‘n’ roll albums I’ve heard in a while, with punk, cowboy music, lo fi psychedelia, spoken  word soundscape stuff and more!  And despite not knowing German, I’m pretty sure the phrase “Oktopus Im Pentagramm” is fucked up!

ROCTOBER reviews MONKS documentary & tribute album

"The incredible research, intelligent interviews, and excellent editing make this film a must see." (Jake Austen about "The Transatlantic Feedback") "This is one of the best tribute albums I have ever heard."  (Jake Austen about "Silver Monk Time" Double Tribute CD) Tuesday, October 5, 2010 Monks – the transatlantic feedback a film by dietmar post & lucia palacios DVD, Silver Monk Time - a tribute to the monks CD ( Play Loud! ) Despite a British Beatles boost, garage rock is thoroughly American…in fact garages themselves are pretty damn American; politicians don’t promise chickens in every pot and cars in every driveway, because they knew Americans wanted to have to move their automobile so their teenage sons can practice “Louie Louie.”  Thus it’s no surprise that when Americans heard the mind-blowing proto-punk music made by the mid-60s, German-based American ex-soldiers the monks it immediately registered on this side of the


HAMBURGER MORGENPOST 08/2010 DVD-Tipp„Avant-Garde In The Meadows “Der studierte Theater-, Film- und Fernsehwissenschaftler Dietmar Post erlangte große Aufmerksamkeit, als der in Berlin lebende Regisseur 2008 den Adolf-Grimme-Preis erhielt. Lohn für eine der besten je gedrehten Musikdokumentationen namens „The Transatlantic Feedback“ über die Sixties-Beat-Legende Monks, einer wilden Band in Mönchskutten.  „Avant-Garde In The Meadows“ (Play Loud!) ist komplett anders konzipiert. Thema ist das Festival “Klangbad” in Scheer, einem verschlafenen Städtchen an der Donau. Jedes Jahr treffen sich dort Bands aus den Genres Experimental, Elektro oder Avantgarde. Nach Auftritten von Alec Empire, Embryo oder Mouse On Mars waren es 2005 Faust, Kammerflimmer Kollektief oder die Künstlerin Jutta Koether. Dietmar Post gibt ihnen viel Zeit, seine Kamera beobachtet mehr, als das Spektakel zu suchen. Auch die Bilder aus dem Publikum, die Interviews sind intim. Als Bonusmaterial gibt es noch einen länger