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two new films on one DVD + 7" single

play loud! productions announce the up-coming release of two new films by dietmar post & lucia palacios and the first ever reissue of the one and only faust 7" single from 1972.    pl-18                                                         pl-19     pl-20    Official Movie Site    play loud! on MySpace Info (long form) From the makers of “ monks: the transatlantic feedback ” (German Adolf Grimme Award 2008) come two new direct cinema style documentary films. One about the pop avant-garde music festival Klangbad, curated by legendary Hans Joachim Irmler (founding member of the seminal Krautrock band Faust) and the second one captures one of the rare live performances by Faust. The drawings for the DVD artwork are again from famous German painter Daniel Richter. Artwork by Lucía Palacios. There are two kinds of rock festivals: the conventional and the adventurous ones. The former present music that everyone knows. Others are more experimental and put their ear into