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SoundsXP reviews DVD "The Transatlantic Feedback"

Image Monks - The Transatlantic Feedback  A Film By Dietmar Post & Lucia Palacios Article written by  Kev O  - Dec 19, 2010 monks: The Transatlantic Feedback In 1966 five former-GIs living in Germany walked into a recording studio in Köln and produced a record that was a true ‘one-off’, music that seemed to come out of nowhere and which still has resonance today: it was ‘Black Monk Time’ by Monks. ‘The Transatlantic Feedback’ – now available for the first time in the UK as an official release (although it was originally released in 2008, when it won the Adolf Grimme Award) - tells the story of Monks, in their own words, with clips from the time: from their genesis, to revelation, to diaspora and the second coming. It’s a very human story – funny, sad, and triumphant – about how five ordinary guys came to make, albeit briefly, extraordinary music, far away and unheard of in their homeland, prophet

ROCKAROLLA MAGAZINE reviews "monks - the transatlantic feedback" (12/2010)