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Monks: The Transatlantic Feedback goes digital

monks - the transatlantic feedback (German version) monks - the transatlantic feedback (English version) OR BUY DVD HERE THE DVD INCLUDES LOTS OF EXTRA MATERIAL PRESS QUOTES: “More than simply a music documentary, The Transatlantic Feedback is an affecting account of the journey of a group of friends through one of the strangest trips of the 20th century.” Wire Magazine (10/10) “A loving and penetrating documentary film.” The Hollywood Reporter (7/06) "Excellent pic. The filmmakers do a vivid job etching the creatively fervid times, with an editing style whose dynamism echoes that of Monk music." Variety (2/07) "A fascinating documentary film!" Der Spiegel (2/07) “A magnificent film” Die Zeit (9/06) "A wonderful documentary film - a long overdue history lesson. Go and watch it!" Rolling Stone (10/06) “This absorbing documentary tells the Monks’ story with precision and flair. (...) It’s the witty and unsentimenta

Reverend Billy documentary goes digital

Reverend Billy & The Church of Stop Shopping (English with German subtitles) Reverend Billy & The Church of Stop Shopping (Original English without subtitles) Press quotes: "A highly entertaining documentary film" Boston Globe "Fine piece of cinéma vérité" University of California "The film is a must for all people who believe that Michael Moore went mainstream" Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival "Which American TV will have the guts to show this film?" Albert Maysles, Documentary Filmmaker, New York "A documentary about the Messiah of Stop Shopping" El País, Spain "The most hilarious and pointed political theater in New York" New York Times Official Movie Webpage

Freqzine reviews Klangbad/Faust DVD

Faust – Live at Klangbad Festival/Various Artists – Avant-Garde in the Meadows Play Loud! Although this DVD was released in late 2010, the footage – shot at the second annual festival held in Scheer, southern Germany- dates from 2005. Scheer is a small provincial town that since the late 90s has been the headquarters of  Faust (or rather one of the two Faust factions, this being the one grouped around keyboardist  Jochen Irmler  and the  Klangbad  label). There are actually two films on the disc- a 70 minute record of Faust’s performance at the event, and a slightly longer film titled  Avant-Garde in the Meadows  which gives an overview of the festival’s three days. Lobdell, inscrutable behind dark glasses and a forest of hair and beard, scrubs at his guitar, emitting a hail of fire and lifting his bandmates’ dirge-like improvisations into molten psych-fuzz territory The Faust performance features the aforementioned Jochen Irmler and one other figure from the group’s early ’70s origins