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play loud! friend and artist Fantas Schimun has a new video. Watch a flash preview here: BUY FILM


Interview with the filmmakers: Laut.De nennt den Film "einen Klassiker unter den Musikdokumentationen". Here the links to the first reviews of the DVD release of MONKS: THE TRANSATLANTIC FEEDBACK. Many fans write us their opinions about the DVD. It is very pleasing to read that they like what they see and hear. DVD OF THE WEEK at famous Radio One (Radio Eins) DVD der Woche auf Radio Eins One of the fans speaking: Just got the DVD - BRILLIANT!!!!.. -- Chris Mezzolesta ...All I can say is...Wow. or "Holy Shit" to be more precise :-D Everyone who visits this site must be at least slightly curious about the monks, therefore everyone who visits this site MUST buy a copy of "monks: the transatlantic feedback" on DVD NOW