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play loud! film about Floating di Morel

 In conjunction with the new Floating di Morel LP "said my say" play loud! is proud to present also a 32 minute film by Dietmar Post & Lucia Palacios. The film shows the band Floating di Morel during one summer evening at their home studio in East-Berlin. "a summer evening with Floating di Morel" was filmed in the strict style of Direct Cinema and will open play loud!s long-awaited music & film series. A detailed list with the songs FdM performed that August evening will follow soon. Watch the trailer below:

play loud! announces record deal with Floating di Morel

                                                                play loud! proudly announces a record deal with Berlin based rock'n'roll band FLOATING DI MOREL. Their new record "said my say" will only be available on vinyl and for download. Also, play loud! will offer for the first time Floating di Morel's back catalogue for download. It consists of mostly old art projects: "more memory than now" (LP 1995), "takna, pakna, g(k)ram..." (EP 1997) and "real people psych" (PROMO EDITION 2004). Also available by Floating di Morel is their contribution to play loud!'s 2006 SILVER MONK TIME double CD. Don Allred of Village Voice wrote: "Shut Up" tapped out by the tremulously tight toot-toot-tootsies of Floating Di Morel. One German critic couldn't really categorize the music by Floating di Morel and asked: Is it rock 'n' roll? Is it noise? Is it art? Questions that make it a perfect play