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"Shadows of the Past" released as a film stream

PRESS RELEASE play loud! announces the release of the film (streaming version) of  " Shadows of the Past – Franco's Heritage in Spain " (Sombras del Pasado – El legado de Franco) -  a round table live discussion organized by play loud!, The Friedrich Ebert Foundation, The Cervantes Institute and the German Association of Spanish Teachers  with Felipe González  (Spanish prime minister between 1982-1996)  Emilio Silva  (President of the Association for the Recovery of Historic Memory) Carlos Castresana  (Spanish Supreme Court Prosecutor) The round table formed part of a unique preview of  Franco's Settlers , the latest film by award winning filmmakers & archivists Lucía Palacios & Dietmar Post. The debate after the screening had been recorded and filmed and now will be made available for the first time through the new "play loud! archive & store". A trailer of the debate with English subtitles can be watched at: ht