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Press Release for two new play loud! films

          PRESS RELEASE SOUTHERN GERMANY PROPAGANDA X Friedrich-Engels-Str.68  14822 Borkheide  Germany  Tel.:++49(0)33845-900130  Fax: ++49(0)33845-900146  Artist: Dietmar Post & Lucía Palacios  Title: Klangbad: Avant-garde in the Meadows + Faust: Live at Klangbad Festival  Format: DVD  Release Date: 25. Juni 2010  Label: play loud! productions “Strolling the festival venue one might sense the attitude of mind Krautrock still stands for: no bouncers, no stupid marketing games, no bungee jumping. The calm atmosphere at the Klangbad Festival almost could be seen as something political. Here everything seems possible.”  This brief description by Andi Schoon, writer for the weekly German magazine Die Zeit, expresses quite clearly our own first impression when we arrived at the 2nd Klangbad Festival in 2005. “First impressions” are important for documentary filmmakers, especially if you are asked to cover a live event. The organizers of the festival gave us total access and the ap