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Fans in the UK & US raving about DVD

Mai 18, 2009 - Montag  US fans raving about monks documentary 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:   It's Monk Time. , May 8, 2009 By  Vic "Vic"  (USA) -  See all my reviews I'm glad this has been made available through Amazon. I was going to the Play Loud! website regularly to find out when it was coming out.  It's the documentary we've all been waiting for, and a real revelation. So little is known about the Monks, especially in the US -- just that they had a seminal sound and dark, weird presentation. And they were slightly funny, too. Most of all,they influenced all kinds of other bands and have been called the precursor to punk.  My only regret is that the producers were unable to interview the managers of the Monks who set them into motion and were such an influence on their sound and presentation. However, on the plus side, I'm glad they were able to interview all the Monks as two of them have passed away since this documentary was i

Great documentary that reads like a Tony Curtis comedy from hell!

monday, may 18, 2009 Monks: The Transatlantic Feedback I didn’t really understand The Monks the first time I heard them and was never a big fan of their music until I saw the documentary “The Monks: The Transatlantic Feedback” (excellently directed by Lucia Palacios and Dietmar Post) on the Sundance Channel recently. Now I’m totally obsessed with those noisy psychos. “The Transatlantic Feedback” is a great documentary and reads like a Tony Curtis military comedy from Hell. It’s the story of five enlisted men in the Army in Cold War-era West Germany whose infantry duties consisted of washing the General’s car or for bassist Eddie Shaw measuring bazooka artillery projectiles. To pass the time they hit the decadent Berlin club scene (which spawned The Beatles) playing covers as The Torquays. After they’re discharged from the Armed Forces they decided to stay in Germany and continue playing the clubs, catching the eye of two advertising men, Walther and Karl. Walther and Karl molded the