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Cloven Hoofed: Interview with director Dietmar Post

Dietmar Post's cloven hoofed by Chris Lee Appeared in WaterfrontWeek , April 8, 1999 / © 1999 Chris Lee/ WaterfrontWeek Dietmar Post laughs when asked to describe cloven hoofed in as few words as possible. "We tried to write a synopsis two years ago and we absolutely failed," he says, offering only that his 12-minute film -- which was shot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, nearly two years ago and shown in the 1999 New York Underground Film Festival -- is essentially a "horror movie."  Based on a play by Post's friend Michael O'Donnell, cloven hoofed opens with a man named Ray (actor Victor Pagan) sharpening a knife. But comparisons to traditional or derivative horror along the lines of Freddy Krueger end there. Ray's world is a dark, claustrophobic and minimalistic space comprised of a space heater and a cage containing a cardboard box with a round hole in it. It is to this box that Ray spits his anger, a raw and desperate monologue that