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"The editing and composition of the documentary are both brilliant"

Film Review: Monks: The Transatlantic Feedback By Evan ~ July 7th, 2009. Filed under: review . My boss dropped a DVD on my desk yesterday as he was leaving asking if I wanted to borrow it. The cover was a macabre-looking painting of a monk holding a banjo. It read, Monks: The Transatlantic Feedback . I asked if it was simply live performance clips, or was it a full documentary. He said it was a full documentary, so I excited grabbed at it and told him I’d take good care of it and return it tomorrow. Last night was something of a lazy night, as I had a long day beginning with a morning hike through Runyon Canyon, so we watched Capote (a pretty alright flick!) followed by the Monks DVD. My knowledge of the Monks before taking in the documentary was solid, but not exceptionally deep. Five Americans stationed in Germany in the early ’60s began playing social clubs and GI bars in and around the area in which they were living. They began as a band called The 5 Torquays, softer and more “

Klangbad: Avant-garde in the Meadows (Trailer)

TWO NEW FILMS from directors Dietmar Post & Lucía Palacios (FESTIVAL FILM ) KLANGBAD: AVANT-GARDE IN THE MEADOWS + (CONCERT FILM) FAUST LIVE 2005 Ready for festival submissions There are two kinds of rock festivals: the conventional and the adventurous ones. The former present music that everyone knows. Others are more experimental and put their ear into boundary zones. The Klangbad Festival, curated by Faust’s Jochen Irmler, belongs to the latter. Since 2004 the picturesque village of Scheer hosts an innovative musical journey crossing various genres. In today's profit-oriented event scene it is hard to find anything comparable. The festival is small but growing constantly. Despite this fact, it abandons commercial sponsoring funds unlike normal open air festivals. Award-winning filmmakers Dietmar Post (USA/Germany) and Lucia Palacios (Spain) portrait this fine festival in the style of DIRECT CINEMA pioneers, such as, Murray Lerner, Albert Maysles and D.A. Pennebaker.