Christian Cloos (commissioning editor for ZDF) writes:

I really liked the film. Donna as a phone ghost, out of necessity, worked well, almost like it was an intentional way of raising questions of identity. Her death must have been a horror for you. The film offers great archive material and good interviewees (the sister was fantastic, as were all the others). It is very carefully researched, tightly narrated, intelligent and neatly edited – it’s a joy. It’s a continually surprising journey, both in its content and form, through the seventies and eighties. The use of the photos is brilliant. They become like exhibits about pop history, and when you introduce other material, we accept the poor technical quality as texture. It’s great how respectful you were, for example in how you introduced all the musicians involved in the single cover. It would be great if this were the start of an ongoing collaboration between you and Arte on more films about music and culture and you could make a lot more strong films like this, which are far better in terms of quality than the other documentaries made here about pop. Thanks for this stimulating hour of TV. In Spain you can watch the film here FILMIN
In the rest of the world here play loud! archive & store


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