One of the best experimental music productions of the decade calls Klangbad/Faust DVD one of the best "experimental music" productions of the decade

Faust: Live at Klangbad Festival was released in 2010 by Play Loud Productions Berlin, paired up with Klangbad: Avant-garde in the Meadows, a documentary of the Klangbad festival itself. The Faust performance film, featuring the band led by Jochen Irmler and Arnulf Meifert, ranges from structured rock to spaced abstractions, industrial soundscapes to acid drenched fuzz-jazz. Stephen Wray Lobdell's multi-textured guitar talents are literally mind blowing. Both films together make for perhaps the ultimate documentation of the Faust musical experience and the legacy they have engendered within the experimental genre. This 2for1 package may be one of the best "experimental music" productions of the decade.

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