Mojo Magazine October 2010 / 203 reviews Klangbad/Faust DVD:

2005 avant-fest doc, plus live Krautrock brain-drilling.

An annual outdoor festival in the German town of Scheer, Klangbad is for those who like their sounds underground. Dietmar Post and Lucia Palacios' film reveals its 2005 incarnation as an orderly place full of disorderly music. It's a close-up, unglamourised affair - it shows no-one watching Sydney synth oddballs Minit - and those who are on-stage invariably turn up as spectators later. For a five-year-old film there's still much that sounds fresh, such as Portland guitarist Steve Lobdell's crunchy sheets of noise, Finnish rock diabolists Circle and the splendidly annoying Nista Nije Nista, who mix clarinet and declaiming, and have a food mixer and pedal bin on-stage. The second feature is 70 minutes of the Hans Joachim Irmler-led Faust playing slow building, percussive obliquenesses to stage projections of revolving Vertigo swirls. On the ambient-to-rocking Feuerzeuge, this can manifest sublimely, and if it means living hell for fans of conventional pop, that's surely part of the appeal. (Ian Harrison)


The film comes in conjunction with the 7" single FAUST: so far / it's a bit of pain. First re-issue since 1972. 


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