Thursday, September 20, 2007

bowl of oatmeal at the pornfilmfestival berlin

short film | USA | 1996 | 10:00 min | 16 mm | color

A lonely man on the brink of emotional desolation talks to his Oatmeal. His need for friendship compels the man to a bizarre act.
Starring PIETRO GONZALEZ (The Man) and WILL BARTLETT (The Oatmeal)

Bowl of Oatmeal - the first short film by play loud´s Dietmar Post - has been selected for the 2. Pornfilmfestival Berlin as part of the Short Film Competition.
SCREENINGS: October 25th at 8 PM and October 28th at 10 PM at Eiszeit Kino
together with AVE X von Joe Gallant (USA)

The film was recently shown at hofHaus Short Film Festival

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