Friday, February 20, 2009

Glasgow Screening January 27, 2009

LINDSAY HUTTON (The Next Big Thing) writes: So yeah, "The Transatlantic Feedback" was the latest instalment of the Monorail Film Club on Sunday past (in Glasgow). The fact that a documentary like this exists in the first place is a testament to the influence of the subject and the temerity of the film-makers. The influence of these five GI's pioneering work in deconstructing sound has been recognised and reverberates constantly throughout the oeuvre of much of today's music. Mr Cruickshank has a theory that their "managers" were aping what Chris Stamp and Kit Lambert were doing with The Who. The suggestion that the band was engineered by these individuals burst the bubble for several people who attended the screening. I think they'd rather that revelation hadn't been floated. However, there's no disputing that seeing those Beat Club clips in such great shape indicated just what a force of nature that the monks were. The way the story is told is a departure from how these things often play out. The guys tell their own story and the talking heads are kept to a minimum. There will be a lot more by way of extras on the DVD release and you can sit in your living rooms and get to grips with those. Meanwhile it was a joy to see it on a cinema screen and hopefully there are still a few places out there where you can catch it on the big screen. I think Roger passed away before the film was finished and of course, Dave Day died last year. It was to my eternal torment that we couldn't hear his banjo to full effect during the London show. still you cannae win them all. It must be a trip to experience someone who never heard these guys before. The film was introduced by John Cooper who went to great lengths to organise this loan from Dietmar at Play Loud! He told the story of his long quest to get a hold of the album which is almost impossible in this day and age, when you can just make a pitstop at a website or whatever to ease whatever particular jones. The throng gathered in that place of worship known as the GFT certainly appreciated his efforts in getting the film here. The DVD is available now I understand and me reckon that you NBT types will dig it a great deal. If you can't hold out for the cinematic experience, and sadly this ain't heading to any multiplex soon, then roll the heck up.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BLACK MONK TIME re-issued by Universal Music Germany (Release date March 13, 2009)
Universal (Polydor Records) announced the imminent third official release of this classic of rock 'n' roll.
First released in 1966 in Germany and Sweden Black Monk Time only gained cult following within those two countries. The second release in 1979 caused a much wider acceptance world wide. Reason for the third release was the large underground success of the documentary film "The Transatlantic Feedback".
LP as high quality 180gram vinyl, re-mastered and in the original artwork.
CD with extensive liner notes by the filmmakers about the album's making as well as previously unreleased photos.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First MONKS 7" Single Re-Issued

Complication / Oh-how to do now
Official release: March 13th, 2009 (pre-order this item at our shop) This is the first official and authorized re-issue of the Polydor International 1966 single “complication / oh-how to do now” by the legendary avant-garde rockers “the monks”. Re-mastered and in the original art work. play loud!

Monday, February 9, 2009


RELEASE DATE MARCH 13, 2009 (Europe) play loud! announces the DVD release of the award-winning documentary film MONKS: THE TRANSATLANTIC FEEDBACK. DVD includes 81 minutes of bonus features: 1) biographies dave, eddie, gary, larry and roger talk about their origins and musical backgrounds. 2) a date with dave day these field recordings with elvis fan dave day introduce us to the concept of monks banjo playing. enjoy this master class by the first rock´n´roll banjo player in music history! 3) monks 60s live appearances on german tv the only 60s performances preserved on film are made available for the first time in their entirety. 4) reunion new york 1999 the 6th monk or how gary burger lost his voice and mike fornatale rescued the monks. 5) movie trailer 6) subtitles english, german, spanish, french, italian & polish. 7) other play loud! releases featured on the dvd are martin rev live, doc schoko live, reverend billy trailer 8) DVD-pack with 8-page booklet and liner notes by Allison Anders and filmmakers. 9) DVD-9, no regions, NTSC In conjunction with the DVD play loud! and Universal will release: 1) re-issue of the first monks single COMPLICATION / OH-HOW TO DO NOW 2) silver monk time - a tribute to the monks (double-cd with 20 page booklet) 3) monks demo tapes 1965 (cd/lp) 4) the third official release of BLACK MONK TIME by Universal Music Germany (vinyl/CD/DL). 5) poster by famous artist Daniel Richter!_Productions