Franco's Settlers wins Best Documentary in New Haven

Franco's Settlers wins Best Documentary at the New England Festival of Ibero American Cinema (NEFIAC). 

Jury Comments: A solid de-construction of a vital period of Spanish history, with an extraordinary usage of archive material and interviews that allow all sides to articulate their views. It is as relevant today as it was eight decades ago.

Comentario del jurado: Una de-construcción sólida de un periodo vital de la historia española con un uso extraordinario de material de archivo y entrevistas que dejan articular todos los puntos de vista. Es tan relevante hoy como lo fue hace ocho décadas.

La la directora del festival, Margherita Tortora,  mandó el siguiente mensaje:
The festival director Margherita Tortora sent the following message: 

¡Al público le ENCANTÓ!  Todos salieron del auditorio encantados, encantados ---- haciendo comentarios, algunos españoles hasta llorando.
Para nosotros, que somos una universidad en una ciudad chiquita, fue una asistencia excelente ---- ¡más de 100 personas!
¡Os felicito y os agradezco de todo corazón vuestra gran participación en el festival!

The audience was overwhelmed! People left the theater enchanted, just enchanted ---- making comments, some Spaniards even crying.
For us, being a university in a small town, it was a huge attendance with more than 100 people! I congratulate you and appreciate with all my heart your great participation at the festival.

Please visit the official film website for more information and future screenings:
Franco's Settlers Official Site in English
Página oficial de Los Colonos del Caudillo en español

It is the second award for the film. The first was given by the Catalan film market Medimed.
Medimed DocsMarket:

FRANCO´S SETTLERS by Lucía Palacios & Dietmar Post (Play Loud, Germany) received the Special Mention of the V Ahmed Attia Award for the Dialogue of Culture´s Jury for its strong committment towards Spain´s recent History.

Sergi Doladé, director of the MEDIMED DocsMarket in Sitges, expresses why this historic film is a relevant contribution:

“Last night I watched Franco’s Settlers and I have to congratulate you on a rigorous and emotional film, not only because of the story but also because of how this story is told. In Spain this revision of history never has been made and like someone states in the movie “maybe it is already too late”. Even if some people might think that, I believe it is never too late to revise history. It is you as filmmakers who do it from the ground up, from life itself, from reality. What happens here is that this place called Spain we as people keep ignoring what really occurred. And that is the best achievement of the film how you unveil this ignorance, an ignorance we Spaniards have fully accepted and take for granted. You unveil the big truth! Spanish public TV has to broadcast this film so that people know about it. And the film should be nominated for a GOYA (Spain’s Oscar).”


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