"Shadows of the Past" released as a film stream


play loud! announces the release of the film (streaming version) of 
"Shadows of the Past – Franco's Heritage in Spain" (Sombras del Pasado – El legado de Franco) - 
a round table live discussion organized by play loud!, The Friedrich Ebert Foundation, The Cervantes Institute and the German Association of Spanish Teachers 


Felipe González (Spanish prime minister between 1982-1996) 
Emilio Silva (President of the Association for the Recovery of Historic Memory)
Carlos Castresana (Spanish Supreme Court Prosecutor)

The round table formed part of a unique preview of Franco's Settlers, the latest film by award winning filmmakers & archivists Lucía Palacios & Dietmar Post. The debate after the screening had been recorded and filmed and now will be made available for the first time through the new "play loud! archive & store".

A trailer of the debate with English subtitles can be watched at:
The entire entire discussion in Spanish language can be seen at: 

The discussion made clear how important the issue of Spain's unresolved past seems to be for the present situation in Spain.

The Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia wrote after the event:
"With their documentary the filmmakers hold a mirror up to Spanish society. And this at a time when Spain is walking through a thunderstorm within the European crisis, at the same time facing at home social cutbacks, a debate about regional separations, the general question of how to live together within the monarchy and the discussion about the legacy of Spain's dramatic historic past. Rarely a movie has been so much in sync with its times. Maybe that is the reason why this seminal film at the moment has been excluded from all important Spanish film festivals. In Germany, on the contrary, the event was sold out to the last seat. It was a predominately young audience, among them many Spaniards, at the Babylon Cinema in the center of Berlin.With "Franco's Settlers" Post and Palacios put the finger on the sore spot."

El Pais wrote:
"The film 'Franco's Settlers' will be the reference to follow. (…) The screening provoked a spontaneous ovation to honor a rigorous and humorous film. (…) 'Spain is a country, which hasn't talked about its recent past', says Emilio Silva. The film 'Franco's Settlers' could correct this situation once Spanish movie theaters start showing it."

The above mentioned guests discussed the following questions: How much of historic memory is necessary to build the present and the future in Spain What kind of traces of Francoism are left in Spanish society? Can we still say that the Spanish process of democratization after Franco's death was exemplary?

During the debate the three participants on various occasions referred directly to "Franco's Settlers", which is still waiting for its official premiere:

"An exact x-ray of current Spain."
Emilio Silva

"A documentary that will surprise many people."
Felipe González

"I invite the filmmakers to Strasbourg to show it to the court as evidence."
 Carlos Castresana

Journalists who would like to write about the 'round table discussion' need to register first to be able to watch the entire 83 min long film in Spanish language. After a successful registration you will receive a voucher. All other guests and visitors we are asking kindly to donate a little streaming fee.

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The filmmakers keep trying to raise money through their crowd-funding campaign. The Daniel Richter silk screen prints are still available for a very special price only until the 31st of December:


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