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When the Teichmann Brothers are at the decks or playing live they ride high with the crowd, 2 guys on a natural high, jumping, raving, always wearing that distinctive Teichmann smile, a euphoria reflected in the music and a smile you can't help returning. The Teichmann sets - ping-pong sets with the two brothers playing each other the ball, consistently unpredictable and focussed. Dramatically mixing genres from minimal to acid, to chicago, techno, rock and house as one. Originally from Regensburg (Germany), they were exposed to music by their father, the jazz saxophonist Ulrich Teichmann, right from the early days.

Filmmakers Dietmar Post & Lucia Palacios captured the two brothers live at the closing night of world famous Berlin club Maria. The show was recorded in one single take, which lasts 70 minutes. No edits except for the head and tail credits. play loud! would like to dedicate this film to Ben de Biel and his team at Maria am Ostbahnhof.
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play loud! (live) music series (video & audio):
001 Floating di Morel
002 Doc Schoko
003 FM Einheit + Irmler
004 Faust
005 Gebrüder Teichmann
006 Christy & Emily
007 Damo Suzuki & Sound Carriers

Atari Teenage Riot, Limpe Fuchs, Barbara Manning, Lydia Lunch & Philippe Petit, and many more.
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Gebrueder Teichmann also recorded a track for the up-coming "Die Regierung Tribut-Album", featuring Schneider TM, Dirk von Lowtzow (Tocotronic), Nina Reisinger (Nista Nije Nista), Doc Schoko, Die Sterne, Herman Halb, Power & Charme mit Pascal Fühlbrügge, Julia Wilton und Steine, DJ Marcelle and Beck Harris (Nista Nije Nista).

This record needs your financial help. Stay tuned for an imminent crowd funding campaign.

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