play loud! (live) music series (up-coming launch)

play loud! productions will launch together with the new records (vinyl/download) by Floating di Morel (Said My Say) (pl-06) and by Doc Schoko (Schlecht Dran/Gut Drauf) (pl-07) 
a (live) music series that introduces current bands in concerts, during rehearsals, at home or in the studio. Fans will have the choice between a full video and/or audio only download. 

Floating di Morel performing 6 songs (live) at their home studio, 
a film by Dietmar Post & Lucia Palacios 
(32 min, 2009, video & audio download)

Doc Schoko (live) at Volksbühne Berlin in 2007 performing a version of 
"Oktopus im Pentagramm", a film by Dietmar Post & Lucia Palacios 
(8 min, 2009, video & audio download)

"play loud! (live) music series"


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