Interview with the filmmakers: http://www.laut.de/vorlaut/news/2009/03/19/21384/index.htm Laut.De nennt den Film "einen Klassiker unter den Musikdokumentationen". http://www.laut.de/lautstark/dvd_reviews/m/monks/the_transatlantic_feedback/index.htm

Here the links to the first reviews of the DVD release of MONKS: THE TRANSATLANTIC FEEDBACK. Many fans write us their opinions about the DVD. It is very pleasing to read that they like what they see and hear.


DVD OF THE WEEK at famous Radio One (Radio Eins)
DVD der Woche auf Radio Eins

One of the fans speaking:

Just got the DVD - BRILLIANT!!!!..
-- Chris Mezzolesta

...All I can say is...Wow. or "Holy Shit" to be more precise :-D

Everyone who visits this site must be at least slightly curious about
the monks, therefore everyone who visits this site MUST buy a copy of
"monks: the transatlantic feedback" on DVD NOW!!! I'm surprised they
could jam as much into a DVD as they did - a full documentary on the
monks origins and phenomenon, so to speak...interviews with all the
monks, an extended visit with Dave (very touching to see it now) in
which he dissects his role in the monks tune by tune, sounds and sights
of the Cavestomp gig, and the full German TV appearances, by itself
worth the price of admission, but hell there's SO much more - Packaging
is top notch, it's an all-around triumph and hopefully some vindication
for the monks. I loved every second of it and will be slapping it in
again very soon - BUY IT and help Dietmar and Lucia make more groovy
films! Sidebar: our university here in Wilmington NC just had an
all-day Docufest today at the film studies building, which was capped
off with The Wrecking Crew...think I'm gonna start bugging the hell out
of the festival board to get this on the next one!
is da place!! Watch it on good speakers for maximum effect, I watched
it on my PC thru a pair of KRK Rokit 8 powered monitors - Oof! :-)

Pop it in the player and it'll be major-league Monk Time!


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